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Used: Reichmann Auto Grinding for round parts






S2 - Twin type

Year of Manufacture



max. 220-360 mm Ø

Technical data on Auto Grinding for round parts:

This Grinding line is designed for grinding parting line and joints of round castings such as Break discs, Coupling plates etc. This machine can grind both internal and external surface with hydraulic hold-down of the work piece. Technical data: Work piece outer Ø: 220 – 360 mm Internal grinding -Grinding wheel max Ø: 80 mm -Rotation: 7300 rpm -Power: 3,0 kW -Work piece rotation speed (stepless): 0-400 rpm; -Connected power: 5 kW External grinding -Grinding wheel dimensions: Ø 800x60x304 mm -Circumferential speed: 45 m/sec -Connected power: 18,5 kW -Work piece rotation speed (stepless): 0-400 rpm; -Connected power: 5 kW Rated electrical power: 65 kW Voltage: 400V/3 Ph; 50 Hz Hydraulic system: Pressure 50 bar; Power: 11 kW

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