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Automatic Flaskless Moulding Plant




Sinto HWS



Year of Manufacture



60 - 70 Fo/h

Technische Daten:

  • Flask size:700x600x180-250/180-250 mm

  • Moulding speed of the machine: 60-70 mould/h

  • No of moulds in the pouring line: 14

  • No of moulds in the cooling line: 29

Moulding Line Dimensions:

  • Total length of moulding line: 60 m

  • Total width of moulding line: 3.5 m

  • Length of pouring line: 11.5 m

  • Length of cooling line: 24 m

  • Width of cooling line: 2.3 m

  • Dimensions of Moulding machine: 6 x 8 m

kW Power:

  • Moulding line: 73kW

  • Moulding machine: 43kW

  • Suction system: 31kW

  • Cycle time: 8-10 sec. (max. 12 sec.) according to type of cast

Moulding line consists of:

  • 1x HWS-SINTO FBO IV Moulding machine for horizontal flaskless moulds

  • 1x Mould pusher

  • 1x pouring jacket and weight transfer unit

  • Complete rails, pallet cars, cooling jackets, weights

  • 1x Suction hoods above the cooling line

  • 2x Hydraulic power pack

  • 2x Electr. Switch & Control Panel (Make Siemens S7 & Allen Bradley)

  • without Shake out

As seen; without dismantling

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