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Used: INDUGA Casting/Pouring furnace for low pressure casting 2,0 t







Year of Manufacture



300 kW

Technical data on Casting/Pouring furnace for low pressure casting 2,0 t:

Description: The induction casting furnace 2-6.3-NDG-G-2,0 / 300-N in a fixed, hydraulically tiltable version for low-pressure casting of steel, allows sand molds to be filled with liquid metal on automatic molding plants according to the low-pressure principle. The pressure control offers the possibility to fill every single mould as per desired, predetermined pressure curve.

The casting furnace consists of a ceramic-lined steel vessel with a filling siphon, a pressure chamber with a flanged crucible inductor and a pouring chamber for filling the molds. For emptying, e.g. when changing alloys, the casting furnace can be tilted hydraulically.

Technical data furnace system:

Capacity approx.6.5 t

Usable tapping weight 2.0 t

Total weight: 21.181 kg

Without liquid metal: 14.595 kg

Total liquid metal: 6.586 kg

Swamp weight: 4.500 kg

Usable weight: 2.086 kg

Tapping temperature 1600 ° C

Connected load 350 kVA

Nominal output – furnace 300 kW

Nominal inductor voltage 400 V

Frequency 80 Hz

Power factor 0.95 – 1.0

Mains supply voltage DS 400 V, 50 Hz

Connection voltage for auxiliary drives DS 400 V, 50 Hz

Control voltage WS 230 V, 50 Hz

Valve voltage 24 V DC

Spare crucible inductors: 1 pc

Total weight about 27.5 t

Mainly consists of:

  • Furnace body with inductor and tilt frame with hydraulic cylinder

  • Furnace li

  • Weighing scale

  • Inverter panel – Make: Otto Junker; Type: IGBT; Year 2006

  • Transformer: 350 kVA (400/750V

  • Hydraulic unit with control desk

  • Electrical switch board and panel with PLC controls

  • Primary water cooling unit

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