Complete automatic horizontal moulding line

Mainly consists of:

  1. Molding plant

    Flask size: 940x640x250/250 mm

    Cooling time of sand packet: : 2 cooling lines 37 min, 6 cooling lines 107 min.

    Impaction method: +GF+ Air Impact Plus-Principle

    Total length of the moulding flask line 6 x 40 m Layout available

    Number of flasks in flask line: appr. 135 pcs

    Rated power 300 kW

    Rated voltage: 380 V/50 Hz

    Control voltage: 24V DC

    Controls: Siemens PLC S5

    Moulding sand requirement: ca. 67 t/h

Molding plant consisting of:

  • Molding machine

  • Separator

  • Molding flask cleaning station

  • Molding line

  • External model changer

  • Flask turning device (2x)

  • Sprue milling device

  • Air hole punch scrapped

  • Flask closing device

  • Cross transports (3x) 4X

  • Clamping device

  • Pallet cart cleaner

  • Transport system (2x)

  • Lift station

  • Ejection device

  • Mold lowering device scrapped

  • 6 cooling lines on the floor

  • 1 cooling section on first floor / 1 flask return section

  • Electrical control

  1. Pouring Furnace Presspour

Make: ABP

Type OCC 40

Year of Mfr.: 1993

Rated voltage 380V / 50 Hz

Control voltage 24V DC

without inoculation device

  1. Unpacking line
  • Ejection and push-off available

  • No casting and sand separation available

Technical documentation (if available)

Without spare parts / many spare parts available

Central hydraulics:

3x 37 kW 80 bar pumps

1x 37kW -250 bar control pump

Nitrogen accumulator 60l

Circulation / 3 coolers

Further information on request

Sold as seen – without dismantling – EXW Germany NRW