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Complete Automatic Moulding Line






ZFA SD-3,5

Year of Manufacture



210 moulds/h

Technische Daten:

  • Suitable for manufacturing automobile castings in cast iron / nodular iron- Flask size: 700 x 600x 250/250 mm- Output without slinger: 210 Moulds/h- Output with slinger: max. 190 Moulds/h- Indexed time of moulding line incl. pallet mould conveyor without slinger: 17,15 sec.- Core settling line: 9 open drags & 9 open copes- Pouring line: 17 ready to pour moulds- Cooling time: with speed 210 moulds/h: appr. 40,5 min. with 2 cooling lines- Cooling time: with speed 190 moulds/h: appr. 44,8 min. with 2 cooling lines- Rising safety support of mould box: clamping- Moulding Box base support: pallet car- Impaction method: SEIATSU Air-flow & Multi-Ram Squeeze Method- Squeeze pressure: adjeustable from 20- 120 N/cm²- Seperating stroke: 450 mm- Pattern change: automatic- Moulding sand requirement: appr. 71 to/hr- Type of machine: ZFA-SD 3,5- Number of cooling lines: 2- Kind of drive: hydraulic- Power requirement: appr. 230 kW- Air requirement: appr. 177 Nm³/h- Operating pressure: 5,5 – 6,5 bar- Operating voltage: 380 V/ 50 Hz- Control voltage: 24 V DC- Controls: SIEMENS S5- Control voltage of power part: 230 VAC; Moulding line consists of:- 1x SEIATSU Twin moulding machine Type ZFA SD-3,5 with turntable, integrated fine sand slingers and connection for heating system, with multi ram squeeze head- 2x pattern bolster pairs with heating elements- 1x Double drum rollover for forward turning of moulding boxes- 1x Sand cutter- 1x Double moulding box take-off and transfer device- 1x Moulding box unclamping device- 1x Flask cleaning and checking device- 1x Moulding line roller conveyor- 1x Drag setting down device- Cope setting down device- 1x Sprew cup & feeder drilling device with longitudinal and cross movement- 1x Robot for vent hole piercing- 1x Roller conveyor of core setting area- 1x Cope flask reverse turn over device- 1x Double flask transfer, setting down and Closing device- 1x Moulding boc clamping device- 1x Flask punch out station with rotating device, lifting device and inside cleaner- 1x Vibratory Shake out- Complete track system with pallet cars- 1x Transferring device with 2 transfer trucks- Various hydraulic indexing & damping cylinders and locaters- 1x Pallet car cleaning device- Moulding flasks ( approx. 180 pairs)- Pallet cars (appr. 189)- 1x Hydraulic power pack- 1x Electr. Switch & Control Panel ( PLC Siemens S5)- 1x Central lubricating unit- 2x Pouring machines, hydraulic driven, manually operated Completely refurbished in 2013 and since reassembling has not been in production
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