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Used: SCHMID Maschinen Double spindle machining center for boiler end links




SCHMID Maschinen


SE 303

Year of Manufacture



840 - 900 - 660 mm (X-Y-Z)

Technical data on Double spindle machining center for boiler end links:

The double spindle machining center essentially consists of:

two machining centers (left and right) each with:

  • 1 machine table to accommodate the horizontal guides for the X and Z axes

  • 1 screw conveyor for transporting the chips out of the machine table

  • 1 slide (Z-axis) with built-in rotary indexing table

  • 1 vertical stand to hold the vertical guide for the Y-axis

  • 1 vertical slide (Y-axis) with a liquid-cooled motor spindle

  • 1 heat exchanger for the motor spindle

  • 1 plate tool magazine with 20 places

  • 1 electrical control with the CNC

  • 1 protective cover

  • 1 Vogel central lubrication system

  • 1 pneumatic control

  • 1 control cabinet with machine control panel

  • 1 minimum quantity lubrication system for the thread cutting tools

  • 4 hydraulically operated clamping devices

and a workpiece handling system with:

  • Loading portal, horizontal guideway and two supports

  • 2 coupled carriages, movable in horizontal direction (U-axis)

  • 2 vertical axes (V1 and V2 axis) with attached grippers.

Special features of the right machine:

-Hydraulic unit for the entire processing system

  • Control cabinet with loading portal control (CNC with additional channel).

sold as seen, ex works, incl. dismantling & loading on truck, without packaging,

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