Centrifugal Casting Plant for Production of Cylinder Liners

Hot mould process.

Ideal for the mass production of cylinder liners and cast iron pipe.

Plant was running till 11/2008 for production of pipes in high-alloy steel.

Diameter 35-180 mm, length: 1000mm

Mainly consists of:

  • A: 7 station casting machine

  • B: step conveyor

  • C: casting station

  • D: pipe push out device

  • E: mould transport device

  • F: mould cooling

  • G: mould brush

  • H: spray unit

  • I: electrical panels with Siemens Simatic S7 Controls

  • J operator panel OP37

  • K: hydraulic power pack

  • L: pneumatic controls

  • M: central greasing system

  • N: set of mould caps

  • O: automatic mould caps

  • P: pipe pick up station and cooling line

  • Q: brushing machine

  • R: 1 set of moulds (12 pieces)

  • Complete technical manual in german language

  • VERY GOOD CONDITION – New purchase price app. 1 Mio Euro.

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