Cold resin molding system semi-automatic without Mixer 20 t/h

Mainly consists of:

Heating cooling unit marke FAT

without Furan sand mixer 20 t/h double joint Radius: 1,750 mm + 3,500 = total 5,250mm

29 pcs. roller conveyors

Vibration table

2 pcs. belt conveyors

Cranes: 2 cranes each 1.5 t; 2 slewing cranes 1x 1t and 1x 900kg; 1 gantry crane 5 t

3 pcs. transfer carriages semi-automatic.

PLC S 7.1500 control cabinet

Mold box 1700x1400x300/600 mm

2 places pre-drying 50°C electric furnace

3 places main drying 150°C gas furnace make ELPO

7 cooling places

Rubber conveyor belt system (hand finishing)

over 100 pieces of molding boxes

As seen, without dismantling, ex works Germany

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