Crane casting ladle 15 t

Mainly consisting of:

Crane casting ladle with handwheel and compressed air motor (conversion 2018)

With treatment lid and delivery template


Width = approx. 3.518 mm

Height = approx. 4.540 mm

Depth = approx. 2.260 mm

Empty weight without fireproof lining approx. 9,300 kg

Total weight without fireproof lining approx. 24,300 kg

Capacity 15,000 kg

Minimum capacity to be filled: 10,500 kg (approx. 70% of the capacity)

Minimum wall thickness 200 mm (wall = FFW)

Fireproof lining 300 mm (floor = FFB)

Freeboard dimension 550 mm (FB)

Pouring device handwheel with gear

Noise emission 110 d B (A)

Special facility:

Pneumatic additional drive and

Hand lever control (4/3 way valve)

Maintenance unit

Safety clutch

Compressed air motor:

Type 396360030

Operating pressure 5 bar

Power 5 kW

Air consumption 5.4 m 3 /min

Air connection R 1"

Hand lever control:

Type 9 2301 0200 (4/3 way valve)

Air connection R 1"

Treatment cover for 15 t and delivery template 15 t

As far as existing technical Documentation and spare parts

Sold as seen, FCA free loaded on truck/container

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