Low Pressure Die Casting machine

Size: 1200x1200mm

Crucible: ca. 500-700 kg

Mainly consists of:

  1. GA low pressure casting machine Type GA-15 1200x1200mm Frame system standard, or according to consultation / customer specifications

  2. Low-pressure holding furnace as crucible furnace – Gross furnace content, depending on the crucible, approx. 500-600Kg -Resistance heating 30- 45 kW -Temperature controller digital – Furnace cover with a riser pipe holder Frame system standard, or according to customer specifications

  3. Hydraulic unit and components -Unit with main components -Cooling with a water cooler -P = about 30KW as connected load -P01,5KW as connected load cooler – delivery rate with approx. 80l / min

  4. 2×2 preparation side core pulls -Preparation for valve mounting

  5. Ejector system -Ejection via ejector rods -Standard hole pattern

  6. Withdrawal system hydraulically swing through swing motor – adjustable swivel range 0-180 ° – Plate diameter 300/500/700 / 900mm (depending on the machine) – adjustable height

    1. Plant control -Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 -Parameter setting via HMI
  7. Stand control cabinet machine and furnace -Oven cabinet and machine cabinet designed as a row cabinet -Main controls in machine cabinet -Control panel for machine on machine column

  8. Casting pressure control and speed adjustment -Contact manometer -2 pressure levels -Control via manual pressure regulator

  9. 6 Mold cooling (4x air and 2x water) – 2/2 way solenoid valve -Pressure control valve -Plastic air / water flow meter

  10. Valves and measurements -Control of the mold cooling circuits electrical -Adjustment of the flow rate of the metal -Cooling circuits via manual pressure regulator -Designed for 6bar network pressure, 8bar absolute -Display device as a pointer manometer -electrical connection of all valves.

  11. Control of cooling systems – over time – by hand

  12. Documentation and operating instructions In language: German according to CE guidelines,

Further additional options available upon request

-New- directly from the manufacturer -Made in Germany – Delivery ex works Germany

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