OXY Combustion Plant

Mainly consists of:

2 x 16 t Rotary furnaces, Make Sider Progetti – Year: 1997

The central body of both furnaces has been recently replaced: on 01/2020 for the first furnace and on 10/2020 for the second furnace.

There are three gearmotors (two on-working and one spare part) brand ROSSI model MRC2I250 coupling with MR2I125.

1 x Induction furnace Make: Ing. F. Ferre & C. Spa – Year: 1997


Type: Channel induction receiver, low frequency;

Initials: 1BR/GH20/260

Total capacity about 25 t

Useful capacity: 20 t

Number of inductors: 1, single-phase type, interchangeable

Installed power: 325 kVA

Useful power: 260 kW

Inductor coil cooling: air

Cooling flanges coupling-inductor: water

Three-phase primary voltage: 380 V

Single-phase secondary voltages (7 positions): 125-525 V

Phased and balanced system power factor: cosf=1

Connection: three-single-phase with balancing

Frequency: 50 Hz

Hydraulic power unit C200R-V20-7V

1 x Furnace charger, Make: Sider Progetti – Year: 1997

| Vibrating motors ITALVIBRAS MVSI 15/7000.

1 x A 40.000 Nm3/h suction system, Make: Sider Progetti – Year: 1997

Capacity: 40.000 m3/h, Power installed: 110 kW

Incl electric control, all available techn. documentation and spare parts.

EXW ex Works, sold as seen.

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