Shake-out 7 x 6,5 m, 75 t with complete Sand Regeneration Plant 15 t/h (no Bake)

Mainly consists of:

  • 2 pcs. Shake-out, dim. 3500 x 6500 mm; max. weights of 45 t = combined a large shake-out, dim.7000 x 6500 mm; max weights 75 t.

  • 1 pc. Additional emptying station (3,5×6 m) for the separation of sand and mold boxes in front of the shake-out

  • 6 pcs. Sand vibration conveyor feeder (different dimension)

  • 1 pc. Bucket elevator high: 17,35 m with a capacity of 50 t/h

  • 2 pcs. Sand silos each 65 m³

  • 1 pc. Sand regeneration plant 15 t/h for no bake with crusher, screening and cooling stations

  • 2 pcs. Control and operating cabinet

  • Soundproof cabin with two sliding doors including suction hoods

As seen, without disassembling, ex works Northern Italy

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