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Examples of our work

2019South AfricaAssembly of a Incuctotherm MF-Induction Furnace Plant 15t
2019FinnlandSale, Modification and overhaul of an ASEA / ABB Inductor 500kW
2019IndiaSale, overhaul and test run of 2x Clansmann Manipulators
2019NetherlandsSale and overhaul of Junker MF-Induction furnace plant 2 x 250kg
2019IranSale of a 63 I Core Shooter incl. Overhaul and test run
2019Switzerland / IndiaSale, dismantle, loading and export of a complete HWS HSP 1-D Moulding Line
2018UKSale of 2x Koyama Barinder 500 fettling cells
2018RussiaOverhau and Test run of a DISA 2013 MK 5 B Moulding Line
2018Czech RepublicSale of one Striko aluminium melting furnace 2 to
2018PolandSale of a Hensel cont. Mixer 50 t/h
2018RomaniaSale of a ZPF 2,5 tons melting furnace
2018GermanyRefurbish works on a Webac sand mixer 
2018Taiwan / IndiaSale of a DISA 2070 A Moulding line
2018SloveniaSale and complete refurbish of an Eirich Sand mixer 
2018NetherlandsRefurbish works on a Simpson Sand cooler
2018PolandSale of a Hensel sand mixer
2018AustriaDismantle of a complete Iron foundry
2018GermanySale of a Luber amine scrubber unit and a Thermoconcept Electric crucible melting furnace
2018PolandSale of a Woehr pouring machine
2018GermanySale of an IMF gravity die casting machine
2017GermanySale, refurbish and assembly of a 10 l. Laempe core shooter
2017EnglandSale of two Abramatic grinding machines
2017AustriaSale, transport and assembly of a DISA 2013 MK 3 moulding line 
2017FR / IndiaSale, dismantle and export of a Disa 230 C moulding line
2017UK / IndiaSale, dismantle and export of a DISA 230 B moulding plant, Eirich sand preparation plant and two Cime pouring furnaces
2017TurkeySale and export of a Reichman grinding machine
2017BosniaSale, dismantle and export of 2x 6 to. Junker induction furnace plants
2017BrazilSale of Henschel Andromat Manipulator
2017South AfricaSale of a 15t Inductotherm Induction furnace plant
2017RussiaSale and Refurbish of a 2 x 2t Inductotherm induction furnace plant
2017ItalyDismantling and loading of a Simpson sand regeneration plant
2017SerbiaSale of a 750kg Inductotherm induction furnace
2017IranSale of two DISA Serf Decoring machines as well as two Aluminium melting furnaces
2017GermanyDismantling and loading of a pouring furnace
2017GermanyAssembly and cold start of a crack test machine
2017GermanyRefurbish and assembly of a Inductotherm induction furnace plant
2017FranceDismantling and loading of an induction furnace incl. charging trolleys
2017RussiaRefurbish of a Laempe core shooter
2017GermanyRelocation of Shot blast machine within Germany
2016FranceSale of a GF Wet tensile strength testing device
2016SerbiaSale of a AREA filter plant
2016Dubai / MoroccoSale of a IMF T36/30-S Moulding line
2016KasachstanSale and refurbish of a 4,5t Junker induction furnace
2016EgyptAssembling of a CT-6 Shot blaster
2016Germany / MexicoRefurbish and export of a DISA 240-C Moulding Line and 2 x ABP Induction furnaces
2016FranceDismantling and loading of a complete SAVELLI Moulding Line and 2 x KUHN Bicor Core Shooters
2016IranSale and refurbish of 2 x Inductotherm VIP 2500 CT Powertrak induction furnaces
2016GermanySale of DISA and GF Shotblaster
2016GermanyAssembling of a CT-6 Shot blaster
2016Netherlands / France to SerbiaSale, dismantling and export of three filter plants
2016TurkeySale, dismantling and loading of a complete HWS EFA SD-5 Moulding Line
2015 / 2016GermanyDismantling, refurbishing and assembling of 2 x 8t ABP Induction furnaces incl. charing trolleys
2015SerbiaSale of a FAT Filterplant and Webac Sand mixer
2015ChinaSale, dismnantling, refrurbish and export of a complete HWS HSP 2-D Moulding Line
2015EgyptSale of an HWS HSP 3-D Moulding Line
2015GermanySale and dismantling of a complete EIRICH Sand plant
2015GermanyRelocation of Hottinger CB 32 HVA/S Core Shooter
2015GermanyComplete refurbish and assembling of a DISA 250-C Moulding Line
2015USADismantling, packing and loading of a complete DISA 250-C Moulding Line
2015TaiwanSale and refurbish of a DISA SAM 6-70 Sand mixers
2015GermanyDismantling of a complete EIRICH Vacuum Sand Plant
2015Czech Republic / BosniaRelocation of 3 Metal press machines
2015AustralienDismantling, packing and loading of a DISA 240 Moulding line, Cooling drum, didion drum, Sand plant and 2 x ABP Ind. Furnaces
2014Czech RepublicSale, dismantling, packing and loading of a complete DISA SAM 6/50 Sand plant
2014USADismantling, packing and loading of a complete DISA 2070-B Moulding Line
2014TurkeySale, refurbish, export and assembling of a DISA 2130-B Moulding line
2014SwedenDismantling, packing and loading of a complete HWS moulding line, EIRICH sand plant, Core shop, CT-6 Shot blast machine and 2 x Junker Ind. Furnaces
2014BelgiumSale of Cooling Drum
2014BrazilComplete DISA 2013 LP Moulding Line, Striko Pouring Furnace
and DISA Hanger Type Shot Blast Machine
incl. dismantling, loading and reassembling
2014GermanyElectrical Assembling of a new Loramendi Moulding Line
2014GermanyChannel Type Pouring Furnace 6,5t
incl. complete mech. refurbishing, new crucible
and new furnace cover
2014SpainDISA CT-4 Continuous Type Shot Blast Plant
incl. dismantling, loading, partly reburbishing
and reassembling
2014PakistanComplete automatic HWS EFA SD-5 Moulding Line
and BMD 60 t/h Sand Preparation Plant
incl. dismantling and loading
2013PolandDISA 2070 Moulding Line, LÜHR Filterplant and BBC OC 80 Pouring Furnace
with loading 
WEBAC Sand-prepartaion plant
with dismantling and loading
2013GermanyComplete HWS HSP-2D Moulding line
with cleaning and loading
2013Brazil / Germany1. ASEA/ABB 50t Warmholding Furnace
with dismantling and loading to Brazil
2. ASEA/ABB 50tWarmholding Furnace
with dismantling, loading and assembling/start-up
3. ASEA/ABB 90t Warmholding Furnace
with dismantling, loading and storage
2013BrazilDISA CT-3 Shotblastmachine
with dismantling, cleaning and loading
2013BrazilThyssen Henschel Manipulator
2012USA / China2 x DISA Moulding Lines and 1 x CT-3 Shotblastmachine
assembling in a new foundry
2012South KoreaGF-Moulding line and Sand Preparation
with dismantling and loading in approx. 26 Containers
2012PakistanAxmann Furansand Moulding Line
with dismantling and loading
2012IndiaHottinger 40l Coreshooter
2012EthiopiaInduction Furnace, Jointsqueezemachine and Furansand Mixer
2012RussiaInductotherm Induction Furnace
2012Tschech. Repbulik / BosniaDislocation of a complete Foundry
Flaskless Loramendi Moulding line Sandplant
4 x 4t Junker MF-Crucible-Furnaces various Dedusting plants 4 x Shotblasters
2011GermanyDislocation of core-shop and complete gravity diecasting-production
Dismantling and assembling of 2 x Laempe Core shooters Assembling of an existing Core Shooter, Sandpreparation and a complete Aminwasher
2011South KoreaComplete HWS Moulding line and Webac-Sandplant
with dismantling and loading
2011GermanyComplete HWS HSP-2D Moulding line
dismantling, packing and loading
2011GermanyComplete Disamatic Moulding line 2012-MK5, Dedusting plant 45.000 m²/h
with dismantling, loading and warehousing
2011Italy / Czech RepublicComplete Sandplant 180 t/h,  4 x 10t MF-Crucible-Furnace plant, Dedusting plant 140.000 m²/h
with dismantling, cleaning and loading
2011Italy / BrazilComplete DISA 130B Moulding line
with dismantling and cleaning/packing, loading and assembling-supervision/Set-up
2011Italy / China2 x Disa 230x Moulding lines, Pouring Furnaces, DISA Continious Shotblaster and Dedusting plants
dismantling, cleaning, partwise refurbishing and loading into 40 containers
2010BrazilComplete Kuenkel-Wagner Moulding line
with dismantling and loading in approx. 60 containers
2010IndiaComplete HWS Moulding line + Eirich Sandplant
with dismantling and loading
2010TurkeyComplete Disamatic Moulding line Type 2070c, Eirich Sandpreparation 120 t/h and Automatic Grinding Machine Type Reichmann
with dismantling, packing/loading and assembling-supervision/Set-up
2010SerbiaWheelabrator Shotblastmachine
with dismantling, assembling and Set-up
2010TurkeyComplete HWS Automatic Moulding line, Webac Sand Plant, Shot Blast machine, Dry filter plant, Compressors etc.
2010IndiaHottinger Cold-Box Core shooter 40l incl. LÜBER Gasing device
2010GermanyKT Amine Gas Scrubber Plant
2010TurkeyLaempe Cold Box Core shooter 12l
2010BrazilInductotherm MF Induction Furnace Plant 8t
2010ChileGF Various Sand Lab Equipment
2010ThailandEirich Green Sand Mixer