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Sand temp.: max. 40°C

with partition for two different sand qualities

(Mix sand and Regenerates + Sio2)

incl. pneum. sand conveyor 500 l

Total height: 18.000 mm approx.

Durchmesser: 3.800 mm approx.

Further information upon request (Drawing available)

as seen, exw Schwäbisch Gmünd

Mainly consists of:

  • DMM DISA Moulding Machine Model type 2013 MK4-A, mould size: 600x480x100-330 mm

  • Operating panel

  • Shot air receiver

  • Cyclone

  • CSE Core setter

  • AMC Automatic Mould Conveyor 18 m approx.

  • SBC Total length 55 m

  • QPC Quick Pattern Plate Change Unit

  • SSU Sand Supply Unit

  • Manual pouring system: Coins: serial SYS 284

Still assembled, in very good working condition

Mainly consists of:

Steel Shell Furnace 15 t with furnace lid

VIP Inverter 2500 Kw, 150 Hz with capacitors

Remote panel

Bus bars

Power cables

Hydraulic pump

Water pumps

Mainly consists of:

  • hot material bucket elevator

  • lump breaker

  • fluidized bed sand cooler

  • System control, Siemens S7, switch and control cabinet

EXW – ex Works, as seen

Only available until end of March 2021!

Mainly consists of:

  • 2 pcs. Induction furnaces

  • Tilting device

  • Weight cell

  • Furnace control

  • MeltMinder 200

  • VIP inverter

  • 2500 kW Oil transformer 2865 kVA, 10.000 +/- 5 % / 2 x 593 V

  • Emergency emptying device

  • Pumps

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Water cooling system

  • Switch- and control cabinets

  • 2 pcs. charging trolleys, year of Mfr.: 2007, Make Cyrus, Type FC800 / 940 x 4000

Including dismantling, as seen, ex works

Only available until end of March 2021!

Size: 1200x1200mm

Crucible: ca. 500-700Kg

Mainly consists of:

  1. GA low pressure casting machine Type GA-15 1200x1200mm Frame system standard, or according to consultation / customer specifications

  2. Low-pressure holding furnace as crucible furnace – Gross furnace content, depending on the crucible, approx. 500-600Kg -Resistance heating 30- 45 kW -Temperature controller digital – Furnace cover with a riser pipe holder Frame system standard, or according to customer specifications

  3. Hydraulic unit and components -Unit with main components -Cooling with a water cooler -P = about 30KW as connected load -P01,5KW as connected load cooler – delivery rate with approx. 80l / min

  4. 2×2 preparation side core pulls -Preparation for valve mounting

  5. Ejector system -Ejection via ejector rods -Standard hole pattern

  6. Withdrawal system hydraulically swing through swing motor – adjustable swivel range 0-180 ° – Plate diameter 300/500/700 / 900mm (depending on the machine) – adjustable height

    1. Plant control -Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 -Parameter setting via HMI
  7. Stand control cabinet machine and furnace -Oven cabinet and machine cabinet designed as a row cabinet -Main controls in machine cabinet -Control panel for machine on machine column

  8. Casting pressure control and speed adjustment -Contact manometer -2 pressure levels -Control via manual pressure regulator

  9. 6 Mold cooling (4x air and 2x water) – 2/2 way solenoid valve -Pressure control valve -Plastic air / water flow meter

  10. Valves and measurements -Control of the mold cooling circuits electrical -Adjustment of the flow rate of the metal -Cooling circuits via manual pressure regulator -Designed for 6bar network pressure, 8bar absolute -Display device as a pointer manometer -electrical connection of all valves.

  11. Control of cooling systems – over time – by hand

  12. Documentation and operating instructions In language: German according to CE guidelines,

Further additional options available upon request

-New- directly from the manufacturer -Made in Germany – Delivery ex works Germany

Techn. Details:


Existing measuring ranges SM161258-R5LG-L-1500

Field of view 1149 x 1008 mm – diagonal 1500 mm


amera Camera type AVT Stingray F-504B

Camera # 285954193 ¦ 285954194

Digitization (X, Y) [pixel] 2452 x 2056

Camera connection IEEE 1394b

Pixel size (X, Y) [mm] 0.489

X, Y resolution (interpolated) [µm] 489

Camera shutter [ms] 00.06 … 2000.0, default 72.72

Camera angle [degree] (L) +12° | -6°

Camera aperture** [f ¦ number] 2.8 ¦ 2.8

Camera focal distance [mm] 10 ¦ 10

Intermediate ring [mm] – ¦ –


Projector # 3152

Projector light source LED green

Projector pattern SV 25

Projector angle [degree] 0°

Projector aperture** [f ¦ number] 1.8

Projector focal distance [mm] 4.8

Intermediate ring [mm] –


Weight [kg] 4.1 (LED)

Operating distance [mm] 1482

Maximum field of view [mm²] 1149 x 1008

Depth of measuring volume [mm] 750


Application OPTOCAT 2016R2

Dongle ID 980115G25

Module HASP on USB-Dongle

Calibration tools for model based calibration

Calibration plates R5LG-L-1500: #161115_600 (CP-CFK-D12-HE600)

Equipment optoLINK II # 161140

Turntable Load [kg] –

System cable [m] 10

USB cable [m] 1.8

Required computer configuration IEEE1394b board Dual bus AVT

RAM At least 32 GB

USB port 2.0 For dongle

USB port 2.0 For optoLINK II Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 x64

Scope of supply:

  • Complete 3D Scanning Device

  • Computer

  • Available spare parts and technical documentation

Mainly consists of:

  • 1 x Steel shell body with 10 t capacity with tilt frame & hydraulic tilting cylinder & load cells, furnace lid
  • 1x VIP Inverter Power Trak type with Power 7.000 KW / 300 Hz

  • 1x Meltminder

  • 1x Charging vibratory conveyors

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Bus bars & water-cooled leads

  • 1x Water cooling system for VIP & for furnace circuit

  • Hydraulic lining pushout device Incl. Spare parts (further information on request)

The double spindle machining center essentially consists of:

two machining centers (left and right) each with:

  • 1 machine table to accommodate the horizontal guides for the X and Z axes

  • 1 screw conveyor for transporting the chips out of the machine table

  • 1 slide (Z-axis) with built-in rotary indexing table

  • 1 vertical stand to hold the vertical guide for the Y-axis

  • 1 vertical slide (Y-axis) with a liquid-cooled motor spindle

  • 1 heat exchanger for the motor spindle

  • 1 plate tool magazine with 20 places

  • 1 electrical control with the CNC

  • 1 protective cover

  • 1 Vogel central lubrication system

  • 1 pneumatic control

  • 1 control cabinet with machine control panel

  • 1 minimum quantity lubrication system for the thread cutting tools

  • 4 hydraulically operated clamping devices

and a workpiece handling system with:

  • Loading portal, horizontal guideway and two supports

  • 2 coupled carriages, movable in horizontal direction (U-axis)

  • 2 vertical axes (V1 and V2 axis) with attached grippers.

Special features of the right machine:

-Hydraulic unit for the entire processing system

  • Control cabinet with loading portal control (CNC with additional channel).

sold as seen, ex works, incl. dismantling & loading on truck, without packaging,

Total holding capacity: 6,5 t

Usable capacity: 5 t

Mainly consists of:

  • Complete control panel

  • 2 pcs. Inductor water cooled

  • Laser monitoring for pouring process

  • 2 pcs. Furnace body, inductor and electrical panel

Without water recooling system

Without water cooling

Without refractory lining and lining strickle