Sale of Induction Furnace Service operations of TCT Tesic GmbH – Formation of new company TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH

We hereby wish to inform you that Mr. Zoran Tesic has sold the ‘Foundry Services` division of his company TCT Tesic GmbH to extrutec GmbH ( located in Radolfzell, registered in Freiburg im Breisgau, registration no. HRB 550749. The operations of the former Foundry Services division will be carried forward with effect from 01.01.2020 by the newly established company named TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH, registration no. HRB 9834 which is a 100% subsidiary of extrutec GmbH.
The new company TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH will extend its offer of services in the field of repair services of all kinds of Induction Heating Systems for Billet heating. TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH shall continue its operations in the same premises and same building in Kalthofer Feld 19, Iserlohn 58640. All contact persons known to you shall remain same in the newly founded company. As a result of the acquisition, TCT induction GmbH will enter all existing contracts of TCT Tesic GmbH from the “Service” and this (if they do not expire until 31.12.2020) to continue in the current version. If your personal data was transmitted in connection with the aforementioned contractual relationship, we would like to point out that the transfer of the contractual relationship to TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH is also associated with the transfer of personal data as a party to the aforementioned contracts and business partners.

Therefore, your personal data, relating to the business relationship with TCT Tesic GmbH, and stored in its database, shall be transmitted to the TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH. Your personal data will then be processed and used by TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH as the person responsible for the same purpose and to the same extent. Neither the scope nor the purpose of processing your personal data will be changed by this transmission.

We assume that you have no objections to the above transfer of the contracts and the transfer of personal data to TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH. We also assume that you wish to continue the transferred business relationship with TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH. However, if you have any concerns or doubts about the transfer of the contracts and / or the
transfer of personal data, please inform us by January 15, 2021.

We thank for your support and trust in TCT Tesic GmbH and request you extend the same to the newly founded ‘TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH’. We wish a successful and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.
Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions.

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