Official opening ceremony of the new aluminium foundry Giessenhaus in Kazakhstan

TCT Tesic delivered earlier this year 2 fully refurbished used JUNKER Induction Furnaces to the new aluminium foundry Giessenhaus in Kazakhstan.
It was honour for TCT Tesic GmbH to take part in the official opening ceremony and was represented by Mr. Darko Tesic and Mr. Tobias Manka.
Distinguished guests such as Mr. Bolat Baqauow and the Governor of the city of Pavlodar, were present. The event was presented to the Kazakh President Nursultan Nasarbajew by a live telecast.
During this, a prize of honour was awarded to Mr. Viktor Lituev, Founder of Giessenhaus.
We congratulate Giessenhaus for this impressive ceremony and wish a great start and very best for the future.

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