We are making the best of the current situation

The Corona crisis has a firm grip on us, but we are still there for you. We are currently doing our business as effectively and as well as possible.

Thank God we are all healthy and well at the moment. We take great care to ensure it stays that way! The health and safety of employees, customers and partners is our top priority!

Safety regulations and preventive travel restrictions have been introduced.

All trips that are not necessary are being avoided and work will be carried out in the home office as far as possible. All other employees are working at safe increased distances at their workplaces.

This is how we continue our day-to-day business with our combined strength. All orders are being carried out in our company.

As usual, the marketing team is available for you and supports you in the search and service for used foundry plants.

We are planing new projects side by side, actively with our customers and partners. You can count on our support even in these difficult times.

We wish you and your colleagues, employees, friends and families good health and take good care of yourself.

Together we can overcome this time!

Best regards

Your TCT team

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