Project in Ironbridge, England is completed

For our Indian customer we have dismantled a complete plant consisting of a  DISA 230 B, Orthos sand plant and two CIME pouring furnaces. Moreover we have packed and loaded the parts into containers and organized the export.

After ten weeks of preparation, dismantling, packing and loading, the containers are on their way to India.

In spite of careful planning there were some delays and complications. Our team had reacted and acted quickly and flexibly so that the containers reach the ship on time.

20 containers were loaded with the dismantled parts. Oversized parts were carefully lashed and secured on two special vehicles for special transport.

Everything has been carefully documented for the export. The customer was there from the beginning so that he can organize the commissioning in his company. Of course, we will continue to be the contact person after theend of the project and provide our customers with help and advice.

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